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Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is aimed towards healing individuals to maintain and restore complete functionality or maximal movement of parts of the body or the body as a whole. This includes improving muscle strength, movement, muscle tone, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. Services are applied where movement and function are hindered or threatened by environmental factors, age, disease, and other factors that may lead to impairment. Physical therapy treatments include all age groups. Physical therapists are additionally concerned with determining the treatments that are given to their patients. Since each individual may require different types of treatment, our physical therapists at Centra Pedaitric Therapy analyze a patient's history and perform various physical examinations in order to arrive at a diagnosis.

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All of the many licensed therapists at this clinic can help your child with:

  Orthopedic Problems

  Neurological Involvement

  Gait Disturbances

  Gross Motor Dysfunction

  Developmental Delays

  Balance Issues


  Range of Motion Limitations

  Muscle Weakness Limitations


Do you think your child needs a physical therapist?

If you think your child needs a physical therapist for any reason, or if they exhibit signs similar to the ones mentioned in the occupational therapist page on this website, then feel free to contact us for an evaluation of your child. We can be reached at 714-731-4668 and