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Academic Achievement Award Program


Academic Achievement Award Program

The Academic Achievement Award program was created to help motivate our school-aged students to excel academically. We encourage our students to do their very best in school and achieve their fullest potential.  Awards are given for good grades and also for improved grades. Thus, every student is capable of earning an award throughout the year. 

An Academic Achievement Patch is given for "Highest Honors"--this requires the student to earn highest possible marks in all of their classes. A student who improves in any subject and does not drop down in any other subject can earn a small star on subsequent report cards. Along with these patches, each student receives a "Certificate of Achievement" to acknowledge their success in school. Details regarding this program are announced during class. It is important to bring your report cards in as soon as possible after each marking period. When our list is compiled and the certificates are printed, the students will be presented with their awards at the end of a training session. 

This is just one of the many benefits of karate training. We hope to direct each student in a positive manner so that they are better prepared to face the challenges of life.

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