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About Us


The Karate for All is a premier martial arts program that is enhanced by occupational therapy. Our mission is to empower our students to achieve their full potential and independence, both mentally and physically by enhancing their skills and abilities needed to be successful in their communities.  Our goal is to allow our students to build strong minds, healthy bodies, good character, self-discipline, confidence, self-control.


Course Description:

Karate for All is a unique martial arts program that combines the Art of Karate-Do with the knowledge of occupational therapy, developed for all kids and teenagers. We are based in Orange County, California. It was developed with knowledge and benefit of occupational therapy and the discipline of martial arts. Our program uses an occupational therapy approach to analyze and enhance self-defense skills, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance, as well as foster brain development, increase attention and focus, boost confidence, develop discipline and self-control, motor skills, sensory processing skills, social skills, self esteem, and much more. The program allows students to achieve their full potential and independence by helping them to be successful in their communities.  We offer both group and private classes.







KFA uses an occupational therapy approach to enhance the following skills:

  Attention span and focus

  Strength and flexibility

  Cardiovascular functioning and fitness

  Motor planning skills

  Gross motor skills

  Sensory processing skills

  Social skills

  Self esteem and confidence

  Ability to defend themselves in the community